Injury Clinic

10 minutes FREE Consultation Monday and Tuesday nights

An injury clinic gives people a chance to get a quick assessment on a recently sustained (acute) injury or an old chronic injury. Whichever sport you are involved in, it often comes with its own risks. The injury clinic aims to shed some light on your injury and give you a quick diagnosis and prognosis.

In other words:
1. What have I done?
2. What can I expect the rehab process to look like?
3. Can I return to sport or do I need time off or imaging done?

Sessions will be limited to a maximum 10 minutes and won’t include any treatment. The aim is to give you a better idea of what you are dealing with. You are not bound to further treatment but we are happy to book you in for a proper consult and guide you along the rehab process if you choose to do so.

Spots are limited, book now.