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Bursitis is a condition where the bursae, small fluid-filled sacs located near joints, become inflamed. This can be caused by direct trauma, repetitive irritation or prolonged pressure, and commonly occurs in the shoulder, hip, knee, and elbow joints. Physiotherapy treatment of bursitis involves managing pain and inflammation, improving joint mobility and strength, and reducing the risk of recurrence.

The following are some physiotherapy treatments for bursitis:

1. Rest and Activity Modification: Resting the affected joint is usually a key element in reducing pain and inflammation. Your Physiotherapist will discuss with you how to modify activities to avoid continued irritation of the bursa.

2. Exercise Therapy: Specific exercises that target the affected joint may be prescribed to improve joint mobility, strengthen muscles around the joint, and prevent further episodes of bursitis.

3. Manual Therapy: Techniques like massage and joint mobilisation can help ease pain and improve joint mobility.

4. Taping: Taping the affected joint can provide support and relieve pain.

5. Postural Advice and Education: Your Physiotherapist can help to identify any postures or daily habits that may be aggravating your symptoms or have contributed to the problem initially. Being aware of, and modifying these positions can help prevent recurrent episodes of bursitis.

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