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Pre-Season Screening

Book now for a Gap-Free or 50% off session aimed at getting you fit and ready for the upcoming season! This session is designed to assess players before beginning the season – even those without… Read More »Pre-Season Screening

Hand Sanitiser

SOLD AT COST PRICE Easy to dispense, fast, convenient, and effective hand sanitiser that saves water Made in Australia to World Health Organisation(WHO) Hand Sanitiser standards A fast-drying Alcohol based gel formulation that quickly kills… Read More »Hand Sanitiser

Book Online

Book your Initial session online today and save 10%

Injury Prevention

Why is pre-season so important? Players, coaches and sports scientists all talk about  the pains of pre season – and why it matters… For most players the word “Pre-season” is not something we like at all.… Read More »Injury Prevention


Studio (Equipment) Pilates hugely expands your exercise options by using equipmentsuch as the Reformer. We individually prescribe your exercise program so that it is perfectly matched to your ability & fitness goals. Individual sessions are available.… Read More »Pilates

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