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Golfers Elbow

Eccentric training of the wrist extensors has been shown to be effective in treating chronic medial epicondylalgia. A study conducted by Tyler and others in 2014 studied the efficacy of adding eccentric exercise to standard physiotherapy consisting of ultrasound, cross-frictional massage and self-stretching, heat and ice.

The specific isolated eccentric wrist flexor strengthening exercise performed by the patients involved twisting a rubber bar (Flexbar, Hygenic Corportation, Akron OH) with concentric wrist flexion of the non-involved arm and releasing the twist by eccentrically contracting the wrist flexors of the involved arm. This was performed 3×15 twice daily. Changes in symptoms were assessed using the DASH questionnaire. (Disability of the Arm, Shoulder and Hand).

Symptoms related to  chronic medial epicondylalgia were markedly improved with the addition of an eccentric wrist flexor exercise to standard physical therapy

This novel exercise is an easy way to utilise eccentric training in the treatment of chronic medial epicondylalgia.

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