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How Do I know If I’ve Rolled My Ankle?

An ankle sprain is a common injury. Inversion ankle sprains are the most common, making up 85% of all ankle sprains. It is know that the incidence of lateral ligament injuries is the most common amongst the sporting population and the consequence of not rehabilitating after an initial injury increases the chances of recurrence.
• Presents with history of inversion injury or forceful eversion injury to the ankle. May have previous history of ankle injuries or instability.
• May be unable to weight-bear through the limb.
• Potential description of a cold foot or parathesia
• Tenderness, swelling and bruising on the lateral side of the ankle.
• Bony tenderness, deformity or crepitus present.
• Passive inversion or plantar flexion + inversion should replicate symptoms for a lateral ligament sprain, passive eversion should replicate symptoms for a medial ligament sprain.
• Special Tests: +ve Anterior Draw, Talar Tilt or Squeeze Test
If this sounds like you have any f these symptoms please book in to see one of our physios today

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