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Introduction to Clinical Reformer Rehab

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What is Reformer Rehab?

Pilates reformer at Rozelle Physio

Reformer rehab at Rozelle Physio

Reformer rehab is exercise with a physiotherapist using the same reformer machines that are used in clinical pilates. It is ideal for people with existing injuries, especially those people who have long term or chronic injuries. The goal of reformer rehab is to target weak and underactive muscle groups. We want to build a base level of strength to help you with day to day activities.

How does Reformer Rehab Work?

Reformer rehab is run by physiotherapists at Rozelle Physio. To begin with, you will have a consultation with one of our physiotherapists. During this consultation, the Physio will take a thorough history and review your goals. The physio will also give you a physical assessment and create an individualised exercise program based on their findings.

What are the Benefits of Reformer Rehab?

Reformer rehab is a way to exercise safely and effectively under the supervision of a qualified physio. Most people find exercising on the reformer to be enjoyable, low impact and suitable for people of all levels of physical ability. The exercises are targeted and individualised, specific to the persons abilities and their injuries and geared towards achieving your specific goals.


Once you have your initial assessment and are comfortable using the reformer, you can join our small group classes to complete your individual program under the supervision of a physiotherapist. The group rehab classes are $45 each (discounts available for purchasing bulk packs) and a health fund rebate may be claimable under group physiotherapy.


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