Gap Free Initial Consultation

Stop putting up with Aches and Pain! BOOK A GAP FREE INITAL CONSULT BELOW 

Take advantage of our gap free initial physiotherapy consultation to get you on the right track for a pain free 2020.

Who is this offer for?

Anyone with physiotherapy private extras cover can take advantage of this offer. If you have an injury, aches or pains or anything else that physiotherapy can help with, come and see one of our physiotherapists for a gap free initial consultation anytime before December 31st 2019.

What’s included?

Our initial consultations are usually 1 hour. The physiotherapist will take a history and assessment and will give a diagnosis about your injury or the cause of your pain. They will also begin treatment if appropriate on the first session and set you up with a plan to return to full fitness, and eliminate your pain.

What is the cost?

There are no out of pocket costs for this gap free initial consultation. You will need to bring your private health fund card with you to the consultation and we will claim a benefit from your health fund for the physiotherapy session on the day of the treatment. Most health fund benefits expire and reset at the end of the calendar year, so if you don’t use it, you lose it.