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Online Physiotherapy with Telehealth

Do you need to speak to a physiotherapist, but are practicing social distancing, self isolation or quarantine with the current COVID-19 situation?

Are you requiring a diagnosis, a plan for how to recover from your injury and an exercise program?

Did you know you can book an online video conference with a physiotherapist from Rozelle Physio, the same way you would book a normal consultation. We use custom physiotherapy telehealth software to deliver video consultations with our patients. These video consultations can be accessed on any device and they are encrypted for your privacy.

We use the same program to demonstrate and provide you with a custom exercise program to meet your needs. Even better, we can track your progress and keep you accountable for following through and completing your recovery. If we need to modify or progress your program, we can do that too.

How much does an online physiotherapy consultation cost?

  • We charge the same as a normal physiotherapy consultation, that is $87.

What is included?

  • It includes a thorough history and review of any investigations, reports or referrals you have.
  • A video consultation with an experienced physiotherapist.
  • An exercise program that includes instructional videos and the ability to track your progress.
  • Unlimited access to your physiotherapist via the messaging function on our app throughout your program.
  • Regular check-ins to keep you accountable.

Book an Online Consultation in 30 Seconds:

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