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Physiotherapy Treatment of Migraine and Headache

Migraine and headaches can have a significant impact on the quality of life for those who suffer from them.

Overcoming headaches and migraine relies on an accurate diagnosis of the cause of the problem. While significant research exists about the role the neck can play in headache and migraines, the neck is sometimes ignored as a possible cause of headaches and migraine.

Physiotherapists at Rozelle Physio have undertaken special training in the Watson Headache Approach to provide effective management of headaches and migraines that are caused due to issues in the neck.

The Watson Headache approach relies on taking thorough history of the headaches and migraines from the patients, followed by a careful physical examination of the neck and surrounding structures. The aim is to be able to not only re-produce the headache or migraine pain, but to also relieve it with a sustained technique.

Physiotherapists who train in the Watson Headache Approach know how to:

  • Identify the relevancy of symptoms arising from the C1-C3 upper cervical spine levels
  • Apply a scientifically validated series of techniques in a systematic way to identify if the upper cervical segments are responsible for headache or migraine
  • Reproduce and resolve headache with demonstrated de-sensitisation of a sensitised brain-stem
  • Correct musculoskeletal problems that are causing symptoms to arise for the affected cervical levels

If you would like to book a consultation with a physiotherapist who has trained in the Watson Headache Approach, please use the form below.


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