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Real Time Ultrasound

Rozelle Physio offers real time ultrasound assessment and rehabilitation.

Real Time ultrasound (RTUS) is a useful tool in assessing the structure and function of important muscles. RTUS allows the physiotherapist to see how the muscles are working in real time. Often when we injure ourselves or are in pain, the normal timing and pattern of muscle control is affected. If untreated, this can lead to long term problems and increase the risk of re-injury.


Physiotherapists commonly use real time ultrasound to assess and rehabilitate the core muscles in relation to lower back pain, the muscles around the shoulder blades for shoulder, upper back and neck pain and the pelvic floor muscles for patients pre and postnatal and for those with continence issues.


In the video below, physiotherapist Stuart Turner demonstrates using real time ultrasound to image the core muscles.


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