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Balmain & District Football Club


Rozelle Physio is proud to be supporting players and supporters at BDFC the upcoming 2017 Season. Stuart, Josh, Elle and Sam will be providing injury clinics as well as specialized treatments throughout the season.

Book online for discounts as a BDFC member:

All of us have had exposure dealing with amateur athletes right through to professional sporting team environments.

As a part of our commitment to sponsoring the club we will endeavour to help in 2 ways:

  1. Injury Clinics on Wednesday nights for any players injured over the weekend or during training times that get injured free of charge. This will occur between 630pm-7pm at Glover and Birchgrove ovals alternatively. Please call 9810-2839 to let one of the physio’s know if you can’t make that time & if needed we can then organize a time during the week to come into the clinic for the screening. (See Training Schedule Below)
  2.  Fees:
    1. Discounted physiotherapy for all players and club members at 25% coming in at $63 with Health fund rebate on top of the discount
    2. Gap Free Initial Consultations (only take the health fund rebate or $60) for 1 hour.

By having us as the first point of call for all injury management from experience we know that we can create good relationships with coaches, players and officials as well as having a real impact in reducing injuries as well as getting players back on the court quickly.

Alternatively you can book online at rozellephysio.com.au using the “BDFC” appointment type

Injury Clinic Schedule:

April 5th – Birchgrove Oval 6:30 – 7pm

April 12th- Glover Park Fields 6:30 – 7pm

April 19th- Birchgrove Oval 6:30 – 7pm

April 26th- Glover Park Fields 6:30 – 7pm

May 3rd- Birchgrove Oval 6:30 – 7pm

May 10th- Glover Park Fields 6:30 – 7pm

May 17th- Birchgrove Oval 6:30 – 7pm

May 24th- Glover Park Fields 6:30 – 7pm

May 31th- Birchgrove Oval 6:30 – 7pm

June 7th- Glover Park Fields 6:30 – 7pm

June 14th- Birchgrove Oval 6:30 – 7pm

June 21st- Glover Park Fields 6:30 – 7pm

June 28th- Birchgrove Oval 6:30 – 7pm

July 5th- Glover Park Fields 6:30 – 7pm

July 12th- Birchgrove Oval 6:30 – 7pm

July 19th- Glover Park Fields 6:30 – 7pm

July 26th- Birchgrove Oval 6:30 – 7pm

August 2nd- Glover Park Fields 6:30 – 7pm

Keep an eye out for the signage in the middle of the fields.


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