How Long Will it Take to Get Better??

How long does it take to recover from injury
How long will it take to get better Phys? This is a question we get asked multiple times a day, every day. Firstly, every injury is different, as is every patient. It is not one size fits all or one magic potion. In saying that though, most injuries have similar patterns of recovery and rehabilitation. The first stage of physiotherapy is usually to decrease pain and inflammation and address any neuromotor deficits (like balance or coordination). This will be followed by regaining range ...

Do you even lift?

Do you even lift? Whether you're a powerlifter, manual labourer or a new mum, I'm betting you probably need to lift things every day. "Keep your back straight", "use your legs", "bend your knees" are phrases we hear all the time as conventional wisdom (unfortunately, from many physios too). Conventional wisdom is not always the 'wisest' of advice it seems, especially when it comes to backs.   Mythbusting There is this huge misconception in the general population that backs are struct...

Case Study: Acute Knee Injury

A 31 year old male presented to physiotherapy following an acute knee injury at soccer training the previous day. The injury occurred whilst the patient was sliding in to tackle an opponent, the patient felt that direct contact was made with the knee but could not remember if the knee was twisted, or if it was planted on the ground at the time, he denied hearing a pop or crack and has not had any clicking locking or giving way. The knee was moderately swollen. Passive extension was extremely ...