When should I see a Physio?

When should I see a physio?
A lot of people don't know when to see a physio. They might ask a friend or family member, google their condition (don't do it!) or just stick it out hoping for it to get better. Here are five tips to determine whether you should come in for an appointment: 1. I’ve sustained an acute injury If you have hurt yourself, it’s good to come in and let your physio assess the extent of your injury and give you tips on initial management. Some injuries might seem worse than they are, and others mi...

“That’s Tight Y’all”

Muscle tightness
"I feel really tight.....it's nice" - Said no one ever I have lost count of the times I have had patients come in complaining that their muscles feel "tight" or that they feel "stiff". This feeling may or may not be accompanied by pain and is generally a fairly constant thing that increases or decreases without rhyme or reason. Additionally, these people often tried everything under the sun; from stretching to heat to supplements, all to no avail. People will resort to "adjustments" from chi...